Shotgun : Proficiency. Course #ESP1Learn what makes this weapon advantageous. This course will require 00 and Slug (locations vary). Ranges of fire vary along with shooting positions, cover and concealment, combat and tactical reloads. This course requires standing, kneeling and operating the shotgun with both dominant hands on the move.

Duration 4hrs            120 Rounds 00 / 20Rounds Slug

Shotgun: Home Protection.Know the essentials, the tactics, the safety concerns and the pros and cons. Learn how to protect your home, family and assets the right way. Understand how your home can be utilized for greater protection for you and not against you. We will discuss simple tactics for engaging a subject(s), protecting family, safe rooms, basic First-Aid and secondary plans. Protect what's already yours.  

Duration 2.5hrs            60 Rounds 00              **This course can be done privately**

Moving & Shooting TIER ALPHA : Operator Up. Course #EALPHA1  This course is strictly for Law Enforcement agencies and Military. Credential will be verified prior to admittance to this course. Call or email us for information to this course. Protecting America, her Citizens, Property, Homeland and our Freedom. 

- Justice

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced to Elite Pistol

** All courses are designed for LEO's, Military, Private Sector and some variations for Civilians are available. 

Our courses are designed to enhance your shooting skills under extreme duress.  Whether you are training for a mission, personal development, enhancing your current job skills or merely for personal protection, understanding your weapons posture, awareness and safety can make you an effective shooter.  Our courses are structured for first time shooters and CCL holders that wish to go beyond a stationary target. Self defense and protection of your family is paramount. Courses are designed for Law Enforcement, Military,Private Sector and Civilians. Elite T.W.O. has designed classes for the beginner, intermediate, advanced and Operator. Our courses are CLEET Accredited.

Elite T.W.O. also coordinates training with Henry's Guns located in Yukon, OK to provide a safe training environment and store that sells handguns, rifles, shotguns, ammo, safes and various equipment.  For more information email us at or call us at our new number 949-351-2715.

weapons training: for beginner to operator

When  personal safety matters most

Handgun           Combat Rifle           Shotgun

Shotgun Tier III : Collateral Damage. Course #ESCD1 Know what's beyond your target, around you, in your home and in chaos. We'll cover practical load outs, gear, engagements, moving and shooting to and from cover. Identifying and shoot specific targets. Timed shooting, reloads, clear malfunctions and Shoot no Shoot scenarios.  

Duration 4hrs              150 Rounds 00 / 20 Rounds Less Lethal / 20 Rounds Slug

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Elite Rifle

** All courses are designed for Civilians, Law Enforcement and our Military **

Moving & Shooting Intro : Practical factors. What we will cover, know your weapon from takedown, cleaning and inspection.  Malfunctions and how to safely clear them. Four safety rules of weapons carriage. Use of Force and how to determine what makes the encounter active. Shooting Fundamental, Grip, Stance, Sight Alignment, Presentation and Range time.

Duration: 4hrs             200 Rounds required          Locations: Various

Combat Rifle TIER I : Contact. Course #(E)AR1C  Step up and Engage. In this course we will utilize a "Certain set of Skills Acquired" throughout the previous courses. Multiple scenarios that are Objective driven will test your skills. Various scenarios will be conducted as a two, three and four man team. Rescue and protection of an asset, Officer down, innocent child are paramount. Prepping a colleague for immediate transport to safety while covering multiple tangos and conserving ammo is essential. The teams will preform weapons transitioning, firing with both weapons hands, clearing malfunctions and set up a primary and secondary egress plan.  Focus on R.I.S.C.TM will be applied. 

Duration: 8hrs   **Scheduled by Dept. only**         900 Rounds required

Moving & Shooting Tier III : Lifesaver. Course #EL3MS  Protection of ones family, self and the innocent are paramount.  With todays Active Shooter and hostile activity on the rise terror can strike at any moment. No city is exempt! Are you prepared? We'll combine basic tactical concepts to survive along with simple procedures to make it out alive. Demonstrating moving for cover safely along with basic Safety Isolation Drills.  Proficiency shooting with both dominant hands from various positions. We will cover basic First-Aid and First Responder techniques. Making a difference on the move can save lives so make the change! (This is an active course that requires the physical ability to drop to a kneeling and prone position. Variations for Civilians, Law Enforcement, Military and Private Sector)  

Duration: 6hrs        550 Rounds required

Shotgun Tier II : Pistol / Shotgun Confrontation.  Course # ESPC2This course is critical thinking on the move. While on duty, protecting an asset, securing a facility or just to hone a skill this course has what it takes to make a mark!  Objectives: Assess a critical scenario(s) engaging one or more targets. Transition from a primary weapon to a secondary weapon, conducting and preforming reloads and magazine changes. Move and shoot from a kneeling to standing position. Conduct various scenarios as a paired asset. Care Under Fire Procedures and Deliberate entry assessments. 

Duration 6hrs             150 Rounds 00 / 20 Rounds Less Lethal / 20 Rounds Slug and 250 Rounds Pistol

 **This course has variations for Military and Private Sector.

Moving & Shooting Tier I : Engagement. Course #EE1MS  This course has variations for law enforcement, civilians, military and the private sector.  In this course we will utilize the skills that we have acquired. Practical scenarios that are objective driven are essential.  Through these set of skills we'll conduct tactical re-loads while engaging multiple targets, shooting from various positions and cover. Perform paired moving & shooting. Preform a partner drag to safety. Secure and stabilize a partner (civilian) down. Provide Care Under Fire. Each scenario will be based off of Home Intrusions, Workplace Violence, Active Shooter Situations involving multiple "Tangos", and Terrorist attacks. (This is an active course that requires serious physical abilities including the ability to drop to a kneeling position, prone position, drag weight from 100 to 200 lbs. This course has varied structures for civilian and law enforcement.     

Duration 8hrs           850 Rounds required

Train Hard, Prepare Mentally and Physically and when you're tired, do it all over again and remember..

"Live to Win"


OKC Tactical 

Home Safety - Tactical Training - Personal Protection


Moving & Shooting Tier II : Beyond the Barrel. Course #EBB2MS  Step up and take Flank, move to cover and take hold of your position.  In the middle of chaos and mass casualties it's about critical thinking.  In this course we will focus on timed shooting, paired shooting and precision shooting.  We will move through scenarios that take you from the home to the store parking lot to active shooters. Our focus is to enhance the capabilities of any law enforcement agency regardless of size.

Duration: 8hrs         650 Rounds required

Various courses will be listed under the Training Tab.


AR TIER III : Proficiency Intro. Course #(E)AR3PRO  Whether your protecting your home, honing a skillset or advancing on a job skill then Proficiency is where it counts (Great version for Patrolman).  We will place you through a series of shooting methods to get you comfortable with your weapon then while stationary rounds will be fired from the standing, kneeling, prone and behind cover. As you gain accuracy you will moving statically, acquiring your target(s) and preforming various magazine changes and clearing malfunctions. Lastly, timed response drills.  This phase will allow you to see what future improvements need to be made to become accurate and proficient leading to Dynamic movements. 

Duration: 6hrs        400 Rounds required.     


Crisis Mitigation - When seconds count  Course# E2CM
This intro course to Crisis Mitigation is a first of a series that will demonstrate tactics for the Armed Citizen in Active Shooter, Workplace Violence and exposure to higher threat incidents. This Pistol course may be taken as a concealed carrier or open carry. Remember train as you normally carry.

What this course covers:
- Active Shooter engagements
- Terrorist Threats
- Workplace Violence
- Crisis Mitigation
- Concealed carrier Principles of Engagement
- First Responder

This course is also CLEET accredited and provided to Law Enforcement, Private Sector and Military across the United States. For training and scheduling near you, please email us at or call 949-351-2715

Combat Rifle Operator TIER ALPHA : Tango Down.  This course is strictly for Law Enforcement agencies and Military. Credential will be verified prior to admittance to this course. Call or email us for information to this course. Protecting America, her Citizens, Property, Homeland and our Freedom. Call for class size, agency cost, equipment needed, and location to be RSVP.

- Justice

​​​​​Executive Protection Courses

Personal Protection : Armed Defensive Professional Course# E2ADP

​Christopher W. Martin (Protector and Training Affiliate at Loriakin Seven Protection in Baltimore, MD) 

Introduction to the Protection Industry.  This is course is for the professional that needs to address mission focused collaboration, conflict resolution and day to day operations and requirements of being a Protector. 

We will cover the roles and responsibilities, carrying concealed on and off duty, appropriate attire, practical scenarios, 1 to 5 man teams formations, detecting and engaging threats and client interactions from a protection service perspective.

This course is covered on a live fire range. 

Duration 8 hours

​Ammo required: 350 rounds

​Amplifying Info: 949.351.2715

AR TIER II : Beyond the Barrel. Course #(E)AR2BB  Knowing what's beyond our intended target can make a difference between being an asset or a liability. As hostile activity rises, victims along with our brother & sisters in law enforcement can be caught in the cross fire.  This course covers unique tactical applications to survive along with the ability to move both deliberately and dynamically. Basic First Responder and First-Aid applications will be preformed in Care Under Fire (C.U.F.) scenarios. This course requires physical activity such as sprinting, dragging/carrying weight between 65-230 lbs., kneeling, dropping to a prone position. Moving & Shooting multiple targets from a wide range of firing positions, paired shooting to engaging targets while protecting the innocent. (A side arm is not required but may be used)

Duration: 8hrs            700 Rounds required

R.I.S.C. Level 2 : EP Mobile Asset  Course# E2RISC2

R.I.S.C. Level 1 : VP Safeguard  Course# E2RISC1

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Elite Shotgun

           ** All courses are designed for Civilians, Law Enforcement and our Military **

AR Fundamentals :What we will cover, Takedown, Cleaning and Inspection of your weapon.  Malfunctions and how to safely clear them. Four safety rules of weapons carriage. Use of Force and how to determine what makes the encounter active. Discuss use of the AR for home protection. Shooting Fundamentals, Grip, Stance, Sight Alignment, Loading & Safely Unloading, Presentation and Range time.

Duration: 3hrs      250 Rounds required            Locations: Various 

Critical Shooting Stage I / Dynamics to Survival Stage II both for CCL holders / Low Light Intro Course  After you receive your CCL this course is the next step! Understanding the dynamics of shooting means survival. Its the difference between being an "Asset" or a "Liability". What we'll cover; Malfunctions in the field when seconds count understanding your mindset under pressure. Cover & Concealment. Identify Threats and being aware of collateral damage. Shoot No Shoot decisions. Weapons Awareness conducting immediate reaction drills allows us to understand the bodies natural mechanics. Confrontations and closing the reactionary distance. During the last section of training we will cover timed shooting. Reaction time is everything so be prepared safely. Move, Moving, Move lastly closing the gap between you and the threat.     

 Stage I         Duration: 2hrs        200 Rounds required

 Stage II       Duration: 3hrs        300 Rounds required

Low Light Intro   Course # ELLICS   Duration: 4hrs    400 Rounds Required

​This course covers the basics of Critical Shooting with emphasis on various light techniques and engaging multiple threats. This is an intro course for beginner to intermediate shooters. For more information on this course please contact us.

AR / Pistol I : Patrol. Course #ARP1P  (CLEET 15-3262, Qualification to carry on Patrol)

AR / Pistol II : R.I.S.C. Course #ARP2R (CLEET 15-3263, Certification to carry on Patrol)

AR / Pistol III : Crisis Management #ARP3CM 

Weapons awareness is everything and this course will demonstrate and deliver methods for safe transitioning. This is an intermediate to Advanced course that requires a Pistol, AR, Proper Judgement, a practical load out and multitasking skills. When faced with multiple threats, variances in distance and CQB lifesaving decision are but mere seconds away. We will cover reactionary distances, close quarter firing, magazine changes, moving Dynamically to engage targets, introduction to paired shooting, R.I.C.S. techniques for officer engaged in Active shooter events, Forced encounters of Domestic Terrorism  and personal protection of an asset. (Variation  available for Law Enforcement, Military and Private Sector)    

Duration: 6hrs         550 Rounds Pistol / 550 Rounds AR

Duration: 8hrs         800 Rounds Pistol / 800 Rounds AR

Duration: 8hrs        600 Rounds Pistol / 700 Rounds AR  *SIMMUNITIONS maybe used by the requesting agency*



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