STRATEGIC PARTNERS: The First meeting of the Alliance in Baltimore, MD. Sept 3rd, 2015  

 Active Shooter Experts - "Strategic Partners"

 A new Alliance for our Nation.

I have gathered a group of "Strategic Partners” who are the actual “who’s who” in the industry of security and emergency response. These are the individuals who are called in to augment governmental responses during horrific events that require the special abilities of each (depending on the type of tragedy and media coverage). It’s not a “black outfit,” rather 17 true mission driven patriots who help in every way possible to return the communities to themselves, using and training government, corporate, and academic departments in best practices from each of their disciplines…without becoming mired in any of the politics involved.  Each one of these amazing people has their own company and provides services ranging from prevention and mitigation to recovery and essentially every other aspect of the security needs of public and private sector America. 

 Each expert has the desire to evolve the meaning of security and change the message of personal responsibility from relying on police to understanding self-preservation from an empowerment, rather than fear-based, perspective. By no means are we saying being armed and fighting are the solutions or even privatizing police. What we are suggesting (having met in person at our own expense to discuss) is a campaign to change the meaning of the word of security from the “Mall Cop” vision to a professional ready to help in any setting without the belittling moniker of “wannabe cops” and by changing the culture back to where it was when this great country was formed…one of personal responsibility and pulling together to survive the difficult times.

There have been attempts to achieve these ends deriving from similar philosophical leanings in the past. For example, in an effort to assist one another, communities implemented the Watch and Ward method in the 1950’s. Then politics, money and government got involved and eventually we saw a detrimental shift to police mistrust escalating in the 1970’s to where it now is today--over the top. Public trust in law enforcement continues to be sullied, and we have suggestions and training methods to help, in addition to our self-empowerment message. It is crucial to re-establish community trust and train departments to go forward with the prevention model instead of relying almost solely on enforcement standards. This has shown itself true one too many times causing issues that the world watched unfold in Ferguson, Missouri. We believe we can help train the departments that are inundated with so many responsibilities and downsizing due to budget constraints by offering our joint services at a cost plus basis. We are also raising private non-profit funds and capital to “fund local cities” in an initiative to return to the partnership of community, citizenry, and local government. 

This is a 50k foot view as we discuss: empower individuals for self-protection through awareness of surroundings and adequate training, support local law enforcement, and re-inspire the community/law enforcement partnership to one of trust and cooperation. Short of a vision the size of the “I have a Dream” message, we’re committed to making this relationship whole again and bringing situational solutions no one else can offer in a package anywhere close to what we, as the group of experts, with interlocking skills and experience can provide as a strategic alliance in order to demonstrate what one group of professionals have set out to accomplish.

Very Respectfully,

Chris Grollnek