2021 Course Listing

- "Vehicle Stops" Pistol Course

​     0730 - 1230 26FEB2021 and 28FEB2021

** max ammo req. 350   Cost: $120   Slots: 08

Breakdown from demeanor to Human Analytical Processing to Active Aggressors utilizing Vehicles, cover, marksmanship on the move. This course has a 90 degree field of fire.


- "Beyond the Barrel" Pistol Tier II 

      0730 - 1430  24FEB2021
** max ammo req. 550   Cost: $200   Slots: 08
Series of Real World Scenarios to include marksmanship, Threat Identification, Personal Qualification Assessment.

Vehicle Ambush "Threat Recognition" 

      0730 - 1400  03MAR21 & 08MAR21
** max ammo req. 500 Pistol  Cost: $180  Slots: 08
Target engagement, Bounding, deploying from vehicles, marksmanship, multiple targets.

Crisis Mitigation "Fallen Hero"

    0730 - 1300  05MAR21 or 06MAR21
** ammo 350 AR / 150 Pistol 

Cost: $120 (Actual $450)   Slots: 12 
Dedicated to those lost, including one of our own. Threat Assessments, Active Threats, Officer Isolation, Terrorist Threats, Quadrant Shooting, Contingency Planning.  This course is normally a two day event

- Active Threats -  Dynamics

   0730-1230 28MAR21 & 03APR21

** ammo req. 300 AR / 200 Pistol  Cost: $120  Slots:  08

Active Shooters, mass attacks, Single Officer engagements, Vehicle deployments, Strategic Planning, Rescue & Recovery.

​Evolution of an operator Sectors

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​Sector Texas Central

​"Evolution of an Operator"

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