**  WINTER 2019 **


- Vehicle Ambush Intro ( LEO / Private Sector Versions ) 

- Active Threats ( LEO / Private Sector Versions )

- AR Proficiency ( LEO / Private Sector Versions )

- Evolution of an Operator

- Blood Control (LEO / Private Sector Versions )

- AR Vehicle Ambush

 - Educators in forced Encounters  ​( Private Sector & LEO )  

​Email us for dates & locations

**  FALL 2018 **


- AR/Pistol R.I.S.C. 

- AR Proficiency ( LEO / Private Sector Versions)

- SRT "When Seconds Count"

- Crisis Mitigation (LEO / Private Sector Versions)

- Pistol Tier III "Lifesaver"

- Low Light Pistol II "Into the Night"

- Vehicle Ambush ( LEO / Private Sector Version)

​Email us for dates & locations

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Federal Government  / State Contract DUNS# 079667875 CAGE# 7EKF4  27 CLEET Accredited Courses.

Course content for 2018- 2019 available upon request.

If you would like a Training course to be held in your State, simply fill out the contact sheet below. Courses are offered to the following with variations: Law Enforcement, Military (Active, Reserve, Retired), Private Sector and Civilian Sheepdogs!

Operator Training

​Evolution of an Operator

​This page is currently being updated. Thank you for your patience..

​Thank you LEOS and First Responders from across the United States. This page will display all training that will include dates, locations, whom may attend, availability, Qualifications or Certifications, Special guest and Evolution of an Operator Round up events. To become a member send us an email to justice@elitetwo.com or call us at 949-351-2715 for more information. -Justice

** Variations for Private Sector and Civilian based training is offered, merely inquire.