​​​Members in the states and abroad

Michael Lee - CDCR Youth Correctional Officer

Ruben Diaz ​- Firearms Instructor / Security Consultant

John Greene​ - Sgt / Nicoma Park Police Department

Chris Hendershott​ - ​Lt / DPU / Gang Unit / Oklahoma County Sheriffs Office - Ok

Knut Grini​ - ​Lt / Western District Tactical Response Unit / Hordaland, Norway

​Emiliano Valencia​ - ​Sgt / Cook County Sheriffs Office Central Warrant Unit - IL

​Victor Medrano​ - ​Deputy / Cook County Sheriffs Department Court Services - IL

Lou Hovel​ - ​Ofc / Cook County Sheriffs / Department of Corrections - IL

​J. Horsley​ - ​Deputy / Cook County Sheriffs Department - IL

Zechariah Schader​ - Patrolman - Ok
Kyle Bridges​ - K9 / Defensive Tactics Instructor / Special Operations Team Operator - Ok
Cody Palmer​ - K9 / Firearms Instructor - Ok

Alvarez Associates

​Violence Prevention Academy

Evolution of an Operator Elite tw0 (tactical weapons & operations)

​Last Update: 04 Feb, 2021 

​Western District Tactical Response Unit - Norway.

  25 CLEET Accreditation Weapons Courses #ActiveShooterExpert  - Midwest Region

​Active Shooter / Domestic Terrorism Prevention

Affiliates & Supporters

​Blaze Defense Systems

Welcome Operators and future Operators. This group was created so that like minds can come together and train.  Training topics include anything LEO related, Active threats, Active Shooter, Terror Threats, Prevention, Response and Crisis Mitigation.

Four primary members are:

Chris Grollnek - Our Nations Leading Active Shooter Expert / Domestic Terrorism Prevention Expert (Veteran).

Rick Spicer - SME Maritime / Land based tactics Instructor / RAD Pack /  Public Safety (Veteran).

John Clark - US Customs and Border Protection SRT CBRNE/HAZMAT Tech / SME Maritime/ Land based Tactics Advisor / Active Shooter Instructor - Armed, unarmed response (Veteran).

Robert "Justice" Narvaez -  ​SME Maritime / Land based Active Shooter trainer, Tactical Weapons & Operations / Instructor - Educational Campus Risk Mitigator / IMS (Veteran-Ret. Federal Officer)


While we are all SMEs in various fields we have expanded this group with the support of various Law Enforcement agencies in the state of Oklahoma, Texas, California, Maryland and Maine. We would like to welcome from overseas Hordaland, Norway.
This site is designed to provide training events to agencies with restrictive budgets yet provide Operator level training no matter the size of your department. 

I want to put my experience out there to make everyone an operator if you are not one already. We are more than Current and Past LEOs. We are not assets we are Force Multipliers. Each week we will highlight a specific department or agency across the United States.
If You would like to be a part of "Evolution of an Operator", send us your contact information via the Contact Tab above.
ADAPT to your surroundings, Evolve into a skilled Force and Protect our Nation with the skills you have honed.
"Train to Win, Live to Win"


Robert "Justice" Narvaez - CEO Elite TWO / Veteran / Chairman - OK

Rick Spicer- Plankowners Elite TWO 2013 /  Veteran / Public Safety - ME

Chris Grollnek​ - Nations Active Shooter Expert / Veteran / Chairman - TX

John Clark  - SRT US Customs and Border Protection - S. California


John Clark​ - SRT US Customs and Border Protection - S. California

Bill Barnhart​ - Tactical Officer / Veteran - Oklahoma

Chris Dent - Combat Medic / SOT Medic - Tulsa, Oklahoma

Rick Spicer​ - Plankowners Elite TWO 2013 / Public Safety - Maine

Debbeelee Graff​ ​- Master Patrol Officer - Oklahoma

​Hector Alvarez​ - CEO, Alvarez Associates N. California

James A. DeMeo M.S. - Founder, President & CEO Unified Sports & Entertainment Security Consulting LLC / Ret. LEO-SME in Sports-Stadium Venue & Arena Security - Austin, Texas

Zechariah Schader​ - Patrolman - Oklahoma

Kyle Bridges​ - K9 / Defensive Tactics Instructor / Special Operations Team Operator - Oklahoma

Cody Palmer​ - K9 / Firearms Instructor - Oklahoma

Jason Costley - US Coast Guard - TX

Ricardo Rodriguez - US Customs and Border Protection / Veteran - S. California