SMUGGLING INDICATORS / Vessel Characteristics - Course# ESI0400

This is a 3 hour course. Smuggling comes in many forms. Be it narcotic smuggling, human trafficking, undocumented national smuggling the indicators are there. Finding them is key. In this course we will discuss hidden compartments, indicators, confined spaces and vessels “alterations” known as outfitted for smuggling. This course is provided at LA HIDTA classroom or can be hosted at the agency requesting site.  

(For Law Enforcement only, agency credentials required.)

Maritime Active Shooter Concepts and Strategies - Course# EAS700 

This is a 1-2 day course. This course will cover active shooter scenarios that may take place in high traffic area such as ferry terminals/landings, cruise ship terminals, train stations, air ports, ports of entry and any other areas of high personnel traffic. We will discuss mass casualties and officer down situations, Buddy Aid, self-aid, and First Aid. We will also discuss containment and isolation of shooters and shoot no shoot scenarios. Course length varies upon location, event, department/agency size. Letter of Completion, Personalized Task Capture (PTC) and Certification.  

(For Law Enforcement only, Credentials required.) 

Advanced Shipboard Tactics - Course# E0100

This is a 1 day course designed for the Field/Marine officer that has limited knowledge of vessels and their characteristics. This course will cover vessel terminology, an intermediate level of shipboard tactics, moving up and down ladders and close passageways team movement.  We will also cover suspect isolation, stowaways, custody and crew isolation, static and dynamic entries, confined spaces, hidden compartments and discussion of WMD and illegal contraband. Upon completion we will run two Real World Scenarios for proficiency.   

(For Law Enforcement & Private Contractors, Credentials required.)

S.M.A.R.T.  CUF  TIER I ( surviving marine assaults reactions and tactics / CARE UNDER FIRE )  Course# E0200 & S.M.A.R.T. TIER II - Course # E0201 (Maritime based)

This is a 2 day course. This training increases an officer's critical thinking & tactics. Examples include at sea use of dynamic & deliberate entries, primary and secondary threats, areas of responsibilities, hostage situations, three types of subjects and isolation, officer down techniques and concepts, and First Aid and Combat Lifesaving decisions. Lastly we will discuss multiple contingency plans for each mission asset pertaining to the officer/security team onboard the vessel and the recovery team on the water. Optional pending location, there will be a survival egress swim simulating injured officers requiring medical attention. The swim will consist of a 10 minute buoyancy float followed by a 30 yard rescue swim. 

 (For Law Enforcement & Private Contractors, Credentials required.)     

Training for CARE UNDER FIRE is provided by Todd T. DeVoe, MPA Director of Emergency Services Insight Public Safety Group

Course Description 
Email us at  for detailed information and agency requirements.

Personalized Training (LEO, Private contractors and Military)

moving & shooting

This is a 1-2 variation course that is range training. These courses are designed to enhance your shooting under critical situations. Whether your training for a mission, personal development, enhancing your current job skills or merely for personal protection, understanding your weapons posture and awareness can make you an effective shooter.  If protecting a VIP or acting as a body guard is your main focus, then these courses are for you. Law Enforcement levels include Pistol, AR, Shotgun and dual transitioning. A complete listing can be found on our "Weapons Training" page.

Tier I Lifesaver

Tier II Beyond The Barrel

Tier III Engagement



Every operation relies on each facet of the mission.  Contingency plans from start to finish can define a well structured team and organization. Multiple Contingency plans should be in place for any mission from Maritime events such as vessel boarding’s, shore side patrols to cruise ship terminal safety and inspections to ferry terminal departures and arrivals. Survival plans for the CCL holder  & Private Security/Contractor available that include Medical facilities, school campuses and corporate facilities. 

(Call for more information.) 


VESSEL BOARDINGS - Course# Evb100 combined with contingency planning Course # EVB250

This is a 1 day course. Small vessel boarding’s, spot checks, operator negligence, security checks and takedowns. Whether at sea or at the pier, vessel boarding’s should not be taken lightly. The safety of each officer at sea is paramount therefore vessel approaches and personnel transfers and tactics at sea should be trained upon consistently. Options for taking control of a rogue vessel takes team planning, coordination and controlled procedures. These tactics and procedures are effective for small vessels, large vessels and container vessels, ferry vessels, and cruise ships.        

(For Law Enforcement & Private Contractors, Credentials required.)

R.I.S.C.  /  ELite tactical concepts - Course# ETC500

This is a 1 day course. Unique land based training that can be projected to any agency or military. This course combines Active Shooter Strategies, High Risk Threats and Contingency Planning. This course is designed to enhance critical thinking in situations where the unexpected can happen. Topics and training covered are workplace violence, R.I.S.C. (React Interdict/Intercept Secure Contain) officer survival mindset and joint agency MOU's(For Law Enforcement /Military and Security Contractors, Credentials required)

Real World Strategic Survival (designed for Civilians and Security professionals) - RWSs101

This course provides training adaptability & critical thinking skills necessary for survival in potential Active Shooter situations.  Strategic Survival is not designed to overstep law enforcement involvement but instead created to increase understanding in decision making in life and death scenarios. This course is designed for professionals in the medical field (Hospitals), education (Campus/School's) and business professionals (Corporate Offices). This course is recommend as a contract beneficial to the requestor.


This course discusses every sector of small vessels used in narcotic smuggling, undocumented nationals, potential terrorist threats and human trafficking. This course has variations that are separated for law enforcement and the general publics awareness. Understanding what type of vessels can be used, the threat they pose to the boating public and steps to take for reporting the encounters or sightings.
(For Law Enforcement & Private Contractors, Credentials required.)

SHIPBOARD CQB Tier I - Course# E0300 & Tier II Course # E0301

This is a 1-2 day course designed for 2-10 man teams. This course is geared towards any size vessel and will cover embarkation points, cover and concealment and unknown hazards.  This course will cover team movement through close quarters, compartments, cargo holds, moving up and down ladders and clearing options.  Static and dynamic techniques will be utilized in conjunction with situational analysis in various scenarios.  A direct emphasis will be on "Command & Control" of a vessel.  Qualification & Certification  

(For Law Enforcement & Private Contractors, Credentials required.)

This consultation covers areas of concerns such as Corporate Businesses, Medical Facilities, School Campuses and Retail Marketers. Since the attacks of 9/11, the distribution of Anthrax, Active Shooter incidents and Workplace Violence, our situational awareness has lacked the training and experience that we as professionals should have to meet our daily routine.  (This will help lower overall liability costs). We offer: Workplace Violence Prevention / Response - Challenging Strangers - Security Facility access - Staffing Awareness with Security Protocol - Recognizing Behavioral Threats - Interagency/Corporate Theft (employee related) - Property Crimes / Vandalism, Thefts - Crisis Management, response to disasters and threats - Facility Resiliency to assist in the planning, Prevention, Protection and Response after an incident.  This course is offered as a contract to the requestor.


The attacks on the Twin Towers (9/11), the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing, the Columbine Shooting, the Aurora Shooting, Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting and the NAVY Yard Shooting are prime examples of a Critical Infrastructure Breech. Active Shooters have become the increasing cause of occupational fatalities. So how do we protect ourselves from threats that evolve? Attacks that are both foreign and domestic driven are true threats. Topics covered and assessments made: Suspicious Packages - Suspicious Vehicles - BIOCHEM Attacks - Confined Spaces - Spotting Possible Terrorist Threats (direct approach / challenge questions) - Bomb Threats - Response to Terrorist Threats; what, when and how to designate evacuations - personnel accountability - protocol for personnel transport with lifesaving injuries and disabilities, facility Shutdown / Reboot - Active Shooter Response guideline for Management, Medical Staff, Administrators and Security Staff.  This course is offered as a contract to the requestor.

T.A.K.E.N. Protective Detail Training

This training was originally developed for the "Justice & Human Trafficking Ministry" at SADDLEBACK Church in Lake Forest, Ca.  T.A.K.E.N. was developed for the safe transport and care of victims of Human Trafficking, Sexually Exploited Victims, Child Exploitation and At Risk Youths.  This training is offered to the Private Sector, non profit organizations and college campuses. For more information on this training please contact us.


​This course is designed to give the premise for waterborne procedures, tactics, rescue and recovery.  We cover basic recovery of victims, in various bodies of water, Personal Flotation Devices (PFD), care and maintenance, Proper PPE, proper vessel recovery and transfer along with Rescue swimmer training. SOP and MOU for Multi Agency Preparedness.   

​(Specialized training for Law Enforcement and Fire Departments)

**new Land based courses**

 S.M.A.R.T. TIER ALPHA ( Surviving Mission Assaults Reactions & Tactics)

This course is designed to increase an officer's critical thinking and tactics in High Risk situations that require First Responder training. While specialized teams receive optimum training, most officers are not as fortunate.  S.M.A.R.T. TIER ALPHA was developed with actual missions that pertain to patrols, Active Shooter engagements, Terrorist Attacks, exposure to potential CBRNE attacks, and mission planning. Surviving any type of Assault is determined by your reactions and tactics.  A self-assessment and Bullet Proof Mind can determine your survivability.                            Open to all Law Enforcement and Military/CST's

S.M.A.R.T. / C.U.F. TIER BRAVO (surviving mission assaults reactions & tactics / care under fire)

S.M.A.R.T. / C.U.F. TIER BRAVO picks up where TIER ALPHA left off optimizing minutes into seconds.  This course will take the officer or TAC Medic to the next level of Mass Casualties. We will discuss, prepare and demonstrate Mission Threat Assessments, dynamic entries with multiple threats, Mass Casualties, Disbursement devices and Air Borne Threats. Officers will plan and execute the following; Hostage Scenarios utilizing R.I.S.C. (React Interdict Secure Contain), enact on each agencies protocol for prep & transport officers/civilians with critical injuries inside the threat perimeter, Crisis Management, responding to immediate Terrorist Attacks and conduct Containment and Isolation drills for Care Under Fire (C.U.F.). Through direct repetition and "real world Strategic Survival" we'll go into intense critical life saving techniques no matter what level of First Aid, First Responder or TAC Medicine the officer/operator has.  The term "High Risk Threat" now has new meaning. Assessment of Mass casualties, prepping for immediate transport and containment are essential factors in crisis management.  

 Open to all Law Enforcement and Military.