Law Enforcement Training

We've been where you are. When you need a consultant and or a specialized Law Enforcement trainer you can trust Elite T.W.O.

Lead trainer, Robert "Justice" Narvaez understands the complexity and critical training it takes for a unified team to meet it's missions goal.  Over the  years Robert has trained with and in SWAT tactics and participated in  SWAT Round up events, trained with Federal Agencies within DHS and assisted in the  implementations of specialized units. He has also  been responsible for training members of various CST-WMD(Civil Support Teams), conducted operations with USBP, CBP, US AIR MARSHALL's  and completed several training courses on day/night Active Shooter Strategies and FEMA Course IS-00907 Active Shooter.  Through his time in the military Robert has been awarded numerous achievements and special commendations ( 1 Coast Guard Commendation Medal, 4 Coast Guard Achievement Medals, 1 Navy Joint Service Achievement Medal, and 1 Army Achievement Medal)  for his dedication, knowledge, and professionalism. 

Law Enforcement Training

  • Advanced Shipboard Tactics
  • S.M.A.R.T. & S.M.A.R.T. C.U.F. training
  • Shipboard CQB
  • Active Shooter Concepts & Strategies 
  • Contingency Plans for Civilian & Law Enforcement
  • Smuggling Indicators / Vessel Characteristics
  • Maritime Active Shooter Concepts & Strategies
  • Crisis Mitigation & Active Shooter Live Fire Scenarios
  • Vehicle Stops / Hidden Compartments
  • Security Consulting of Critical Infrastructures
  • Real World Strategic Survival
  • R.I.S.C. (Elite Tactical Concepts)
  • Critical Infrastructure Breech
  • Facility Domain Awareness

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  CLEET Accreditation Weapons Courses - Adjunct Instructor under TCOLE

Crisis Management SME  - Midwest Region


Prevention & Response

Active Shooter

What we do


Maritime / landbased Law enforcement / Civilian / weapons training / consulting


As a Veteran Owned Business, ELITE T.W.O. is multi missioned.  Providing the safest training to Federal, State, Local Law Enforcement, Military/CST, Private Sector and Civilians in our Homeland.  We will provide up to date training that is best suited for your agency specific mission no matter if it's Maritime or land based.  Through constant engagement we will assist in the change and or implementation of training programs, Law Enforcement missions, Contingency Plans and Real World Strategic Survival. We are Certified through DHS/FEMA in: Law Enforcement Prevention & Deterrence of Terrorist Acts Instructor / Train the Trainer. Certified in Force Encounter Analysis: Understanding Human Performance During Critical Incidents. We are also "Strategic Partners" at


With 20 years in specialized training you can rely on ELITE T.W.O. to enhance your agency or Corporation's training programs therefore conducting effective and successful missions. Elite T.W.O. also provides T.A.K.E.N. Protective Detail training for the successful transfer of victims of Human Trafficking.  We set ourselves apart with unwavering integrity and a strict code of ethics.

"Justice, you have put together something that will be in high demand for quite some time.  Your course material and your ability to tailor training to a specific agency is exactly what many of us need in the field. ELITE T.W.O. is the way to train for dealing with the unknown in the Maritime Enforcement world."

Ricardo "Miner" D.R.  CBPO / DHS